Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Episode 19

Jeni DuMont had learned years ago that money made life so much easier. It was a lesson she'd put to good use by marrying a very wealthy man forty-five years her senior. Other than his age, infirmities, and revolting physical appearance, Jim DuMont's biggest weakness was stupidity. not surprisingly, that was the trait that worked in Jeni's favor. Most men, especially the stupid ones, were easy prey for a hot-looking gal with the skills of a seasoned hooker.

Now, with poor old Jim's fortune (gleaned by selling Florida swamp water purportedly blessed by the Pope) transferred safely to her new account in Pine Lake, Jeni was ready to re-invent herself.

She stopped in at the Pine Lake Bank & Trust to discuss her financial options with a personal banker and, as always, Jeni had her eyes and ears open, scanning her surroundings for treasure. She sat quite still in the well-appointed waiting area, inhaling the scent of money, alert to everyone and everything.

So it was that she was instantly aware of an attractive, 50-somenthing man as he strode confidently through the bank lobby.

"Good morning, Mr. Adams," one of the receptionists cooed.

Jeni pinned her eyes on the gentleman, correctly assuming he must be the Blake Adams. He didn't look stupid, but appearances could be deceiving. Chief Donati had drive her past the Adams' house, and Jeni figured the guy's bank account was ten times old Jim's. That could make her happy for life.  Originally, she had planned to sue Adams for the wrongful death of her brother, Frankie, but having laid eyes on him, Jeni began to formulate more amusing ways of getting her hands on his money.

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