Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Episode 36

"Pulse is thready; BP dropping." The EMT relayed information as the gurney clattered through the doors of Pine Lake Hospital ER.

Claire Monroe thought she was prepared--the ambulance had radioed ahead what was coming. Level I trauma. They just hadn't told her who was coming.

Dr. Johnson took the most critical patient; Dr. Ford had the second accident victim, also critical, but with better vitals.

Years of training and experience took control; Claire followed procedure, followed orders.

Cubicle 1                                                                                Cubicle 2

"Code Blue."                                                                   "She's stable for now," Dr. Ford said. A
"Defib."                                                                            minute later, "Get the morphine going; call
"Clear."                                                                            Butler; she'll need major reconstructive work.
"Again."                                                                           We'll need x-rays, but in addition to these
"Once more."                                                                   facial lacerations, I'm betting we've got a
"Okay, folks," said Dr. Johnson, "that's                          broken mandible, crushed left clavicle. She's
all she wrote here. We're done." He                                damn lucky her neck didn't snap." Ford caught
pulled off his gloves and tossed them in the bin.            the look on Claire's face. "Know her?"
On the gurney, Caroline Wilson looked, finally,             "Yes." Claire stopped short of adding, "My   
at peace.                                                                          son once told me he wanted to marry her."

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