Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Episode 37

The week had dragged on forever. Biff Monroe was in New York, the last place he wanted to be, but it was easy to stay under the radar in the indifference of a big city.

He'd found a crappy hotel that wasn't too particular about a person's identity as long as they had cash to pay for the room in advance, and he'd spent the last few days holed up with his laptop, trying to figure out what to do next.

He had options: he could go back to the DEA and tell Jackson that Selena's father, Nick Kallias, had ratted him out to the Gonzales boys. But that meant getting involved again, and Biff wanted out. He'd had enough of playing footsie with sleaze balls and druggies to last a life time. Option two was running farther: Europe, Australia, maybe even South America. The bad guys probably wouldn't think to look for him in their own back yard.

But all the options he thought about were pointless without Selena. He had to find a way for her to be with him. Biff still didn't understand how the hell her father had figured out that he, Biff, was working undercover, or how he would have any contact with the very bad people on whom Biff was collecting indictment-worthy evidence.

With Selena and Pine Lake on his mind, he fired up his laptop and googled the town's community news page. He broke out in a cold sweat as he read:

Crash on Highway 10 Claims a Life

Two cars collided yesterday on Highway 10 near Pine Lake. Witnesses say a Ford Escort apparently lost control after being clipped by a Toyota Camry. The Ford spun and flipped twice before smashing into a bridge support. 52-year-old Caroline Wilson died shortly after being rushed to Pine Lake Hospital. The other car, driven by Selena Kallias,age 25, skidded into a light pole. Miss Kallias was also transported to the hospital, where she remains in critical condition. 

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