Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Episode 25

"You can't be serious." Genevra Adams slammed down the file she was holding.

"Sorry. I wish I could give you more notice, but I can't," Biff Monroe said.

"Biff, whatever is going on with you--and I know this town has been hard on you and your mother--leaving isn't the answer. When you came back here last summer, you faced down all the naysayers and proved that you have talent and you work hard. Don't throw all that away."

Biff ran his hands through his thick brown hair. "Genevra, you have been super. You gave me a job when no one else would, and you've helped me more than you know, but I have to hit the road. Guess I'm just not meant to stay in one place."

Genevra locked eyes with him until all he could do was shrug, turn away, and get out the damn door as soon as possible. He had to leave quickly or he wouldn't leave at all. And he had to leave. Nick Kallias had seen to that.

Biff still couldn't understand why Kallias hated him so much, but the "why" didn't matter. What mattered was that Kallias had made him an offer he couldn't refuse: ten grand to get out of town, or stick around and wait for the Gonzales boys to get him.

What were his exact words? "I'll make sure your past catches up with you in ways that will make you wish you were dead."

Biff hadn't seen that coming and couldn't figure out how Kallias even knew about the Gonzales. It didn't matter, though. Even if Kallias was a bullheaded fool and had no idea what he was messing with, Biff couldn't take chances. Especially since it would mean the people he cared about would be in terrible danger.

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