Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Episode 27

"I'm sorry, sweetie. I don't know anymore than you do." Claire put a cup of coffee lightened with just a touch of milk in front of her guest. "One minute, everything was looking great; the next minute, he does this. Though I can't say it's the first time my son's done a runner."

Selena listened to Claire, who looked as devastated as Selena felt, with a sense of unreality. She stirred the coffee absentmindedly, then left it untouched. How could Biff do this to her? To his mother? She looked again at the note he'd left:

Got to leave. It's been grand.
             -- Biff 

The more she read it, the less sense it made. Why would he leave town with little more than the clothes on his back less than 24 hours after they'd talked about getting a place together?

"I just don't understand," Claire repeated. "He had a great job that he loved, and I know he adores you. For the first time in his life, he seemed settled and happy."

Selena picked up the hastily scrawled note. "You know what bothers me?" she said to herself as much as to Claire. "I don't get why he says he's "got" to leave."

"Well, no one ever told Biff what to do as far as I know."

"What if he was threatened?"

The two women stared at each other as the each considered that possibility. Claire thought about her son's wild side and the dangerous people with whom she suspected he'd come in contact.

Selena thought about her father.

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