Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Episode 26

The thrill of adrenaline, adventure, and pursuit surged in Jeni DuMont as she swung open the heavy door of the Pine Lake Library. The potent mix of emotions was better than drugs or alcohol, and the end result was a hell of a lot better than a hangover.

For Jeni, the scenario was familiar: get the mark to meet at a library--how innocent was that? No one ever figured out how complex and well-conceived her Plan was. The same Plan that had worked like a charm with both Peter and Jimmy was now going to work with Blake Adams.


Blake sat in one of the comfortable wing-backed chairs in the library's reading room. He relished the peace and quiet, something that was currently in short supply in his life.

His son, Billy, was in a psyche ward battling invisible demons. His daughter had thrown away all the wonderful opportunities he had provided to work as a bartender and shack up with a waiter. His wife either ignored him or berated him. Business was rocky; his recent investments had been disastrous. Only his oldest child, David, was acting like a reasonable human being. Blake had been thrilled when David agreed last year to join the family business. Of course, except for occasional encounters at the office, the two of them rarely spent any time together.

Yesterday, however, there had been a new development that piqued Blake curiousity. A young widow with a large amount of money to invest had telephoned him with an idea for a business venture that sounded intriguing. He thought it a bit odd that she insisted on meeting at the library, but it wouldn't be the first time he'd dealt with the quirky ways of the very wealthy.

"Mr. Adams?"

He turned at the sound of his name. "Mrs. DuMont. How nice to meet you."

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